Sexual assaults across US military increase by 13%

Reports say that sexual assault across the U.S. military increased by 13% in 2021.

In a confidential survey, close to 36,000 service members disclosed that they had experienced unwanted sexual contact.

This figure was around 20,000 when a similar survey was conducted back in 2018

Out of the overall increase in the numbers, the major percentage is of the Army. The jump in the Army reports was about 26% 

Increase in the Navy reports was about 9%

The increase in the Air Force reports was between 2-3%. Marine corps reports was less then 2%.

The Pentagon does this survey every 2 years.

The Members of Congress have been pressurizing the Pentagon to revoke some of the prosecution authority out of the hands of commanders.

Instead, they favor using independent prosecutors to make the process a bit fair.