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Sengled Smart Wi-fi bulbs (Complete Guide)

Sengled smart bulbs are one of the cheapest yet best available smart lights. In this blog, we will go through various topics related to the installation and troubleshooting issues that you may face while using them.

This particular wi-fi bulb type A19 comes in 3 different color modes.

  1. Soft White A19 bulbs
  2. Daylight A19 bulbs
  3. Multicolor A19 bulbs

What are the common features?

  1. Various modes of controlling the lights like dimming the lights, turning on/off through the app.
  2. Voice assistant compatible.You may connect it through Alexa or Google Assistant to control it with your voice.
  3. Direct connection with the Wi-fi router. That means no additional smart hub is required, which makes it quite easy to set it up.


  1. Currently, Sengled smart bulbs only connect to the 2.4 GHz wi-fi frequency range. The 5 GHz frequency band is not supported yet.
  2. Not suitable for use with standard wall dimmers. You can use the dimmer mode to dim the lights via voice assistants or through the Sengled Home app.
  3. Cannot be used outdoors due to possible humidity damage.

How to identify the model number?

Sengled also produces other types of smart bulbs which support Zigbee and Bluetooth technology. So to avoid any kind of confusion, each type has a different type of model number.

First, Check the below-highlighted section to find the model number of your sengled smart bulb.

Sengled bulb model number
Image Courtesy:
  1. If the model number starts with an E or Z, then the bulb is a Zigbee bulb and will require a compatible smart hub in order to be used. Below are the supported hubs:
    1) Sengled Smart Hub
    2) SmartThings Hub
    3) Echo Plus with built-in hub
  2. If the model number starts with W, then its a Wi-fi bulb. In this case, no additional smart hub is required. The bulb connects directly to your router.
  3. If the model number starts with B, then its a Sengled Smart LED Bluetooth Mesh bulb. You can connected it with most of the Echo devices available in the market.

How to do initial setup?

  1. Make sure your mobile is connected to 2.4 GHz WiFi. Since, these bulbs only work on 2.4 GHz frequency.
  2. Install the Sengled Home app from Google playstore or Apple’s app store.
  3. Register and sign-in to your Sengled account.
  4. Click on “+” icon
Snegled Home app

5. Select “Wi-fi LEDs and Accessories” and click on “Confirm”.

6. Turn on the bulb. It will start blinking or flashing indicating that the bulb is now in pairing mode and then click on “Search Devices”.

7. After searching for a few seconds, the app will detect the bulb. Click on “Connect” to start pairing the bulb with your app.

Connect the Sengled Wifi bulb

8. It will then start searching for the available 2.4 GHz wifi routers. Select your home router and enter the password.

9. The Sengled Home app will now try to set up the bulb with your wifi router. The bulb may blink for few times for the duration of 30 seconds.

10. Once done, you will get the below message. On the same screen, you can also assign the bulb to a particular room like a bedroom, Kitchen, Dining room, etc.

Add a Sengled wifi bulb

What are the available operating modes?

1. Turning bulbs on/off:

We can switch the bulbs on and off via a manual switch, Sengled Home app, and via Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

2. Dim the bulbs

Since manual dimming via wall dimmers is not supported, so the possible options to dim these bulbs are via the Home app or Alexa/Google Assistant.

3. Scheduling

We can schedule the bulbs to switch on and off through the Sengled Home app.

4. Voice control

Using Amazon Alexa, we can voice control the bulbs by adding Sengled Home Skill. A similar setup can be done for Google Assistant using Sengled Home Service.

5. Changing colors

Choose any of the available 16 million colors in the Sengled Home app or with Voice control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Could not connect Sengled bulb to Wi-fi router.

There are certain ports that the bulb requires to connect with the router. But sometimes the router may be blocking it. So make sure ports 443, 6884, 1883, and 8883 are open to ensure connectivity. Also, make sure you are trying to connect the bulb with a 2.4 GHz frequency-enabled wifi router and also check the firewall settings on your router.

2) How to reset the Sengled Wifi bulbs?

To reset the bulb, turn the bulb on and off in quick succession at least 5 times. If done correctly, the bulb will start blinking which means the reset is done. The bulb has now entered pairing mode.

How to reset the Sengled bulb?

3) Can we use the sockets with wall dimmers?

No, we can only use the on/off sockets to control the bulbs manually.

4) What is the product specification ?

Sengled Wifi smart bulbs product specifications

4) How do we contact the company for issues?

Drop an email at the below email addresses depending on the country of purchase.


5) What is the warranty period ?

These bulbs come with a limited warranty of 3 years from the original purchase date. Please visit the official website for more information.


Sengled has been the pioneer in bringing new lighting styles and devices which support technologies like Zigbee, Wi-fi, or Bluetooth Mesh. They have been providing us with the most versatile and brilliant lighting devices having high lumens (for brightness) and high CRI (Color Rendering Index) for a better lighting experience.

This guide helps you with the initial setup so that you can easily connect your Sengled Wifi smart bulbs with your router. And If you face any issues, then you follow the troubleshooting steps like resetting the bulb to resolve those issues. Let us know your views in the comment section or provide feedback on your experience with the Sengled bulbs.

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