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robot vacuum
robot vacuum

About Roborock

Founded in July 2014, Roborock specializes in the research, development, and production of products that make peoples lives more comfortable. We design our range of robot vacuums, and our cordless stick vacuum to work so effectively that people are empowered to spend more time on the things they love and less time on chores.

robot vacuum
robot vacuum
robot vacuum
robot vacuum

Roborock S6Pure


Robot Vacuum and Mop
Robot Vacuum and Mop
Robot Vacuum and Mop
Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S6 features

Multi-floor Mapping

Save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, all recognized automatically by the robot, total controlled by Roborock App, Siri, and Alexa voice control.

Roborock S6 has a powerful 2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost

Strong suction easily lifts dust from floors, automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning.

Convenient Selective Room Cleaning

Choose which rooms to be clean, and schedule cleaning for specific rooms to fit your needs and preferences.
Long-Range 180ml Adjustable Water Tank: Suitable for mopping homes up to 1610sqft, adjustable for different floor types.

Note: Only support 2.4G WiFi, does not support 5G WiFi.

How to use Roborock S6 for the first time?

  1. Install the Roborock app or MI home app to use the device in your desirable mode.
  2. Simply search the Roborock app on the app store and install it
  3. Reset the Wifi: You will find the Wifi indicator light when you open the top cover of the robot.
  4. Press and hold the power button(shown below) and home button till u hear the reset Wifi alert.
  5. Once the robot enters configuration mode the wifi indicator lights will start flashing slowly.

After this, you need to add the device to your application, for this open the app. Add the device from the + sign which is on the top right corner of the application and follow the further instructions provided by the application.

The instructions might change over a period of time due to continuous improvement and upgrade in the application.

Below you will find a pictorial depiction of the above information:

How to use the Robot for mopping:

A few recommendations before use:

  1. If you are using this for the first time, it is advised to do a vacuum cleaning prior to mopping so that the robot does not have excessive dirt buildup on the mop.
  2. Remove the carpets before mopping.
  3. Clean the mop cloth every 60-90 minutes to have a smooth water flow and cleaning.

Let’s start it:

  1. Adjust the flow rate using the shown toggle button at low or high

2. Fill in the water.

3. Install the mop cloth: make sure it’s not too wet not too dry

4. Install this module from the direction shown below:

5. Start the cleaning by pressing the home button, once the cleaning is done you can remove this mopping module by just pulling the module outward.

Note: you can choose different modes ex. Quite, balanced, strong, and max mode based on your preference. By default, it uses the balanced mode.

How to charge my Roborock S6?

You can charge the Robot using the charging dock, plug in the charging dock and it’s ready to charge your robot.

How to maintain Roborock S6?

  1. Clean the main brush using the main brush cleaning tool provided, and remove the dirt and hair stuck in it.

    Recommendation: It is advised to replace the mail brush every 6 months to 12 months
  2. Clear the dustbin, you can wash/clean it with water as well.

For the effective performance of the robot keep it charged, also do not forget to clean the charging contacts of the charging dock with a dry cloth.

Troubleshooting Guide

Error 11: High-intensity magnetic field detected.The robot is too close to magnetic tape and cannot start. Move it to a new location and restart.
Error 12: Battery level is too low. Recharge before use.Low battery. Recharge before use.
Error 13: Charging error. Clean the charging contact area.Use a dry cloth to clean the charging contacts on the robot and on the charging dock.
Error 14: Battery error.The battery temperature is either too high or too low. Wait until it returns to normal.
Error 16: The robot is tilted.The robot is tilted. Move it to flat ground and restart.
Error 17: Side brush module error. Reset the system.The side brush module is experiencing a fault. Reset the system.
Error 18: Vacuum fan error. Reset the system.The vacuum fan is experiencing a fault. Reset the system.
Error 22: Wipe the recharge sensor.The recharge sensor is blocked by dust. Wipe the dust off.
Error 23: Clean the charging dock locator beaconThe charging dock is jammed. Clear it and retry.
Error 24: Virtual no-go zone or wall detected Move the robot to a new location and restart.Move the robot away from the virtual no-go zone or barrier and restart.
Error 26: Wipe the wall sensor.The wall sensor is dirty. Wipe it clean.
Internal error. Reset the system.Malfunction due to an internal error. Reset the system.

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