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Echo Show – Troubleshooting Guide

Echo Show has been the latest smart display device provided by Amazon. Along with the new features come new issues which require a bit of troubleshooting. And troubleshooting is nothing but a task of finding the root cause for your problem and solving it. You might come across several problems while using the echo devices in your home or offices which will require you to find out the issue and resolve it. Below we are providing you with some usual occurring problems and their solution for your ease to use the device and enjoy.

Some common problems or actions while using echo devices:

  • Music/Media not playing with Alexa
  • Echo Show’s Screen Has Lines or Does Not Turn On
  • Reseing your Echo show
  • Reseing your Echo show, but don’t want to loose smart home device connections
  • You do not want to use your device any longer

When Music or Media Not Playing with Alexa

Your Wifi connectivity issue might cause media and music to not play or buffer/load

How to rectify the issue:

  1. This often happens if so many devices are connected to the echo device simultaneously , so turn off the other devices connected to wifi which are not in use
  2. Move your devices away from any interference like microwave ovens, any metal objects, wall etc
  3. Bring the devices closer to echo device
  4. If not worked with above options, restart your device and network hardware (like a modem and router)

When Echo Show’s Screen Has Lines or Does Not Turn On

  1. Most of the issues are resolved by restarting the echo device
  2. If not worked with restarting, unplug the power from the device, wait for 5 minutes and plug it back in. make sure you are using the power adapter provided with the device
  3. If the problem is still there check the software version you are using on echo device, If its an older version, try to update it to the latest version
  4. To update the software on your echo device, just say “Check for software updates” and install

How to Reset your Echo show

If your device is not responding as expected or causing some major issues, or if you want to start afresh all over with new settings, you might want to reset the device, to do so

  1. long press the mute and volume down button until you see the amazon logo, this is similar to switching off any smart phone
  2. When given any instruction for resetting, follow the instruction and your device will be reset
  3. You will be allowed to make any new settings or use the applications as per your new requirements


  1. Just say, “Go to settings,” or swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings
  2. select device options
  3. select reset to factory defaults

Reseting your Echo show, without losing smart home device connections

Follow the below instructions to reset the device and retain your connection to other smart devices

  1. Just say, “Go to settings,” or swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings
  2. Select Device options
  3. Select “reset to factory defaults but retain smart home device connections” as shown below
Echo Show: Reset to Factory Default

When You do not want to use Echo show any longer

There might come a time, when you do not want to use your echo device or discontinue using it just like you do with your smartphones, in this case, Amazon offers you to deregister it from your account. This can also be done in a case when you want to use the device with a different or new account, you will be required to deregister your old account on the device and register again with your new account

How to deregister your device:

  1. Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” and log in to your account.
  2. Click “Devices”.
  3. Select your device and click “Deregister”.


Here in this blog, we have seen a few troubleshooting options to use while facing any issues with the echo devices. We have tried our best to list down the common issues, however, if you see any other new issue with your device which is not listed here, please comment in this blog so that we can help you solve it.

Reference: Amazon blog

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